2008 sale
High selling pair-lot 104 to Ryan Went, Neb at  $11500
High selling bull-lot 43 to Apex Cattle, Neb at $5500
volume buyer was Dean Kephart ,Ok buying 26 hd
other notable lots---
lot 42 bull to Bryce Ritz, Neb at $5000
lot 3 bull to Akers Farms,KY at $3700
lot 60 bull to Trauernicht Simmentals, Neb at $4000
lot 85 hef to Sandra Harris, Sask Canada at $4100
lot 59 bull to Lynn Fergeson, Ks
lot 26 bull to Rob Vanhove,SD
lot 12 bull to David Sharpley, Canada
lot 120 pair to Akers Farms,KY
2009 sale
High selling bull was lot 1 at $5000 to  O'keif brothers Valentine Neb
High sellin pair was lot 83 at $4750 to Jerry Walsh Hubbard Neb
High selling heifer was lot 114 a daughter of SAJUPITER 636 at
$ 4000 to Rob Van Hove Madison SD
Volume buyer was Juli Nelson Denison Iowa , with 7 open heifers
Second high bull was lot 2 at $3800 to Keith Butrum Veblen SD
Second high pair was lot 79 at $3800 to John Sachau Denison Iowa
Second high heifer was lot 101 at $2200 to James Felt Wakefield Neb